One of Mr Jaf Abu’s patients decided to write him a poem of appreciation. We would like to share this with you:

Dear Mr Abu,

Thank you so much for seeing me through, 

To the end of the time when I was feeling so blue.

All because I could not eat any and all of my favourite treats.

Eight long months of torture and pain,

All because I couldn’t eat a single morsel or grain.

The physical pain was nothing compared to the emotional toil and mental strain.


You went above and beyond your medical duty, 

To ensure that I kept sane and didn’t go loopy.

Without your reassurance, I certainly would have succumbed,

To the psychological stress, that, to others is so unimaginable, so numb.  


This has been a test of my spirit but that which I have passed,

By having a positive attitude and keeping resilient in my faith.

Some lessons I have learned to keep for the rest of my life,

To know the true meaning of hunger that people less fortunate have to endure,

But which I will try to lessen by charitable cause.


There are many good people in my life,

Whose constant well wishes have supported me and carried my plight.

I am so glad that I was in your care and relieved to come out to the other side,

A stronger and more empathetic person with a love and appreciation of the simple things in life.

N.Mistry – 8th October 2021