Who is Mr Jafaru Abu?

Mr Jafaru Abu is a Consultant Gynaecologist based in Burjeel Medical City Hospital, Abu Dhabi. Mr Abu specialises in the treatment of the entire spectrum of gynaecological cancers and is well renowned for his exceptional ability to perform complex key-hole procedures.

What type of gynaecological issues will Mr Abu treat?

Mr Abu provides a range of gynaecological surgeries including minimally invasive (keyhole) gynaecological surgery, a colposcopy/hysteroscopy service, as well as treatments for the following gynaecological conditions and cancers:

Cervical cancer 

Uterine (womb) cancer

Menstrual disorders – Heavy periods (menorrhagia), painful periods (dysmenorrhoea), bleeding after sex, bleeding between periods

Ovarian cysts

Ovarian cancer and peritoneal cancer

Vulval cancer or (vulvar cancer)

Vaginal cancer

Abnormal cervical smears

Fibroids, endometriosis and pelvic pain

Post menopausal bleeding

Where can I see Mr Jafaru Abu as a patient?

Mr Abu is available for appointments at The Burjeel Medical City Hospital, Abu Dhabi. 

What is Mr Jafaru Abu’s specialist interest?

Mr Abu’s special interest is in minimally invasive gynaecological surgery and was one of the first gynaecologists in the UK to perform Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery (SILS), a “scarless” procedure.

Where did Mr Jafaru Abu train?

Mr Abu trained at Leicester University Hospital in the United Kingdom where he also completed subspecialty training in gynaecological oncology. Because of his interest in minimally invasive surgery, he consolidated his laparoscopic training and skills at the Queensland Institute of Minimally Invasive Surgery, Royal Brisbane Hospital for Women, Queensland, Australia.

Is Mr Abu part of any professional memberships?

Yes, Mr Jafaru Abu is a member of several gynaecological societies both nationally and internationally. Mr Abu has received a number of awards including the Ethicon Travel Awards as a Gynaecological Oncology Fellow, as well as being recognised by the International Who’s Who in Medicine for his contribution to the medical profession.

Has Mr Jafaru Abu been associated with any research?

Mr Abu has completed original research work on Menstrual Disorders and Retinoid Receptors in Cervical Cancer at the University Hospital of Leicester, United Kingdom. This work led to various articles being published in reputable peer reviewed journals. Mr Abu continues to do clinical research work especially into gynaecological cancers. He is still involved in conducting/supporting clinical trials because he believes they are of tremendous benefits to the future patient.

What is Mr Jafaru Abu’s career highlight to date?

Several years ago, a young woman with 5 previous miscarriages was pregnant when she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Faced with the prospect of having a termination, Mr Abu offered her an innovative procedure of removing the neck of her womb and keyhole surgery to remove lymph glands in the pelvis when she was about 12-14 weeks pregnant. She went on to have a caesarean section delivery with a healthy baby. You can see this patients story on our Inspiring Patient Stories page.

What do I do if I want to arrange an appointment with Mr Jafaru Abu?

Simply contact the team at Burjeel Medical City Hospital and ask for an appointment with Mr Jafaru Abu. The team would be delighted to arrange an appointment for you.